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I’m a racket tuner: This is how Wingfield changed my game.

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Welcome to the Wingfield Playbook, where users tell us what they love about Wingfield. In this episode, Sasha writes about the impact the Australian Open had on his passion as a racket tuner and how he turned that passion into a customer-focused consultation service with Wingfield. If you’re also a Wingfield Member and would like the chance to share your own story, you can do so here.

About me.

My name: Sasha Gorovits

My club: HC Hannover

I’ve been a Wingfield Member since: February 2020

My occupation: Tennis Coach and Racket Tuner

To introduce myself: My name is Sasha and I live in Hannover, Germany. Growing up, I quickly realized that tennis is my passion and a big part of who I am. How could it be any different in a tennis-mad family? My parents started the tennis academy “Tennisschule Gorovits” back in 2010 where I trained to be a professional player in the following years.

After my stint on the ITF and future tour, I joined the coaching staff at my family’s academy and opened my own tennis equipment and racket tuning store. There I primarily focus on tuning rackets for players from lower levels up to top junior and pro players in the region.

Back in 2018 I was invited to be part of the racket service team and official stringer during the Australian Open. It was a remarkable milestone in my career and definitely a great inspiration hearing other professionals’ thoughts on tennis equipment. Their different expectations and sometimes very detailed demands on the material revealed completely new perspectives and showed me how much unexplored potential there often still is. Today I benefit from these experiences in my work with my amateur clients.

Wingfield Box with Tennis Rackets.

“The data helps me to recommend the most suitable material for my clients and enhances their feeling to have been consulted competently.“

How Wingfield changes my workflows.

Before I worked with Wingfield, my clients had to tell me what they feel is best for them. A lot of times, that proves to be difficult because most players are unsure of what they really need to get that extra something. As a result, they had to come back several times to adjust the racket. Now, I offer a new way of tuning them.

As part of my service, I go on court with my clients now and use the data Wingfield provides. That helps me tremendously to understand the type of player my client is and to figure out what exactly can help them to improve their game.

If I see a great fluctuation on the heat map after a target drill, it suggests that the client struggles to control the ball. Stabilizing the racket when making contact with the ball by adding some led in the center not only helps them to control the ball properly but also enables them to generate more power. Changing the tension of the strings can make a huge difference for players who have problems to get depth in their shots.

Implementing Wingfield into my service goes beyond racket tuning. The analysis directly gives my clients the feeling of being professionally consulted. The data provides more confidence in my recommendations, so that the consultation is really perceived as such and not as a sales pitch. Plus, it saves a lot of time since clients are usually set with the customization after one session.

My clients know about the special care they can expect from me. Word gets around quickly in the tennis bubble here in Hannover. When I get new gear, strings, rackets, overgrips and more, my clients can also test them out with Wingfield. It is a huge part of the decision-making process because after every drill you see how you performed with the respective material. Now you can simply compare the scores to see what string, racket, tension suits you best.

A recent achievement I’m proud of: Combining the use of Wingfield with my tennis academy and my shop.

My most frequently used feature: Drill mode

My advice to other Wingfield Members: Make sure to systematically use Wingfield. The data can tell you a lot about your actual equipment requirements.

It all works in your club, too.

Tell your club and get Wingfield on your facility at the best price!

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