Making Tennis smart.

Wingfield - Performance Analysen
Wingfield - Performance Analysen - statistiken Wingfield - Performance Analysen - statistiken Wingfield - Performance Analysen - statistiken

Tennis redefined

With Wingfield you experience that Grand Slam feeling right in your tennis club. Whether detailed match statistics, automatic videos of your match or digital challenges:

With our smart court technology you deep dive into a new dimension of tennis.

Wingfield - Performance Analysen - statistiken
Wingfield Statistiken Data
Wingfield Box Hardware Wingfield Box Hardware
Wingfield Statistiken Data
Wingfield Statistiken Data

Technology meets design

The future is digital! Wingfield also makes your club a digital pioneer. Our system fits on every tennis court and is affordable for every club!

Wingfield Performance Analysen and statistiken

Tennis always in your pocket

Wingfield is simple and accessible. With our app all you have to do is check in at a Wingfield box, play your match and always get all the insights into your match on your smartphone.


Focus on your game

Analyze your game & track your progress.

Do you want to know if you serve faster than your friends? No problem! We'll keep track of both your individual matches and your development, providing you with valuable feedback to help you improve.

Wingfield Performance Analysen and statistiken on Mobile App Wingfield Performance Analysen and statistiken data on mobile App

Match Statistics

Wingfield statistiken on Mobile App

Long-term Development

Wingfield Langzeitentwicklung on Mobile App


Wingfield Platzierung on Mobile App

Relive your match

A picture says more than a thousand words.

One's own perception often contradicts reality. Our tailored video shows you what really happens. And the best of all: Now you can prove that incredible forehand at 5:5; 30:30.

Backhands played counted Wingfield app
3 Match per week using Wingfield app
Breakpoint beast provided from Wingfield app

New Tennis experience

From now on tennis starts before going on the court.

Challenge yourself and your friends every day, collect trophies and become the star of your club. Experience a new dimension of tennis with Wingfield.

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Does that sound good? Then it is your serve!

Thinking it is time to make all of this a reality in your club soon? Then get your upgrade for your tennis courts now.

Contact our sales team directly and get more information about technical requirements, financing possibilities and a concrete implementation on your tennis court.

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