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ZDF sports report – AI in sports

Hanover, 29 October 2023 - The world of sport is experiencing a revolution through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In her ZDF report “AI in Sport - risk or opportunity?“, ex-tennis pro Andrea Petkovic looks at how algorithms are already driving athletes to peak performance, how clubs are making better tactical or scouting decisions, or how data-based reactions to external conditions can be used when choosing equipment.

Serve of a tennis player.

ZDF sports report

Andrea visits professionals, clubs, and scientists on a tour through Germany to learn more about AI and makes an exceptional stop in Elmshorn. At a Junior practice session of the LTC Elmshorn, she picks up the racket again to experience AI's functionality in tennis under live conditions using the Wingfield system.

Andrea Petkovic.

“For me, it would have been a great system to make all the “boring“ tennis training sessions, which are just part of it, more competitive. It's a cool tool to always compete with yourself, motivating you to play better every practice.”

Andrea Petkovic (WTA Career High 9)

About Wingfield

Wingfield uses artificial intelligence and advanced image processing technology to track and analyze all aspects of a tennis match. From serve rates to stroke speeds to returns won, the system provides detailed match statistics, enabling comprehensive match analysis and optimization. The German Tennis Federation (DTB) uses the system as an independent control authority for LK matches outside tournaments and team competitions.

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