Tennis Player with LK Ranking

Most interactive LK league experience.

Club leagues redefined. Fully automated. Flexible. Smart.

Highlight in your club.

Wingfield introduces a new era of club leagues. Flexible match play, automated result transmission, official ranking in participating associations and exciting match insights ensure maximum league fun.

No annoying organisation.

Flexible game plans.

LK rating & balls included.

For only 62€

Wingfield Pro members pay only 52€

(a new tennisball can included in the price)

Tennis Player

A new era of club leagues.


Convenient online registration.

With your registration you sign up for the corresponding league list. The indicated package price is generally valid for 6-player leagues. Prices for smaller leagues may vary.


League is opened.

s soon as enough players with a similar LK (+/-4) and age have registered for a league, we will create a Whatsapp group with all participants and our service team where all communication takes place. The draw will be generated and you will receive all important information and your new ball can.


Play your matches flexibly.

The best thing about Wingfield Leagues is that there is no strict schedule to follow. Meet up on the Wingfield Court whenever it suits you best and play your match.


No administrative hassle.

Confirm your result at the Wingfield Box after the match. That’s it! The match is automatically submitted and rated for your LK. The league draw will be updated automatically. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact our service team in the Whatsapp LK group.


The game doesn't t end on court.

Who had the most winners and who had the better serve ratio? Many exciting insights to be discussed over a cold drink in the clubhouse, right?

Being able to see the highlights of the other matches takes this league to another level.

Dennis Bokelmann (TV Schwanewede)

Open club leagues.

Register for a Wingfield league nearby now. Please note that registration fees and costs may vary in some leagues since booking already might be included.

How to bring Wingfield into your club.

Get Wingfield for your facility now at the best price!

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