DTB and Wingfield launch mobile match validation

Matches can now be counted for the LK anywhere and at any time using a smartphone.


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LK Mobile Recording

DTB and Wingfield launch mobile match validation

Matches can now be counted for the LK anywhere and at any time using a smartphone.

Wingfield x Pickler

Wingfield unveils tracking technology for Pickleball

Wingfield enters Pickleball market & closes partnership with leading US franchise company.

Wingfield and DTB Logo

DTB and Wingfield extend partnership

The German Tennis Federation and Wingfield are extending their partnership and working on an expansion of their digital LK service.

Adreas Petkovic

ZDF sports report – AI in sports

Andrea Petkovic visits professionals, clubs & scientists and reveals the advantages and disadvantages of technologies.

Charleston LTP

Wingfield Club series: Charleston LTP

German blockbuster - how a Hessian successfully takes off in the USA with technology from home.

Location Freiburger Tennisclub

Wingfield Club series: Freiburger Tennisclub

From less than 450 to +900 members in only five years. These measures made the FTC a prime example of good club development.

Headway in Local Tennis

Smart technology makes headway in local tennis

Guest author Alfred shares his thoughts on Wingfield and why a particular feature can be extra valuable at an advanced age.

Wingfield x Hartru

Wingfield and Har-Tru bring smart net posts to the USA.

Together with the leading provider of tennis court surfaces and accessories, we bring Wingfield to the U.S.

Wingfield x Keystone

Dreaming of a tennis scholarship

Keystone Sports and Wingfield teaming up for Europe's largest US college recruiting showcase.

Group Drill

The most interactive group drill ever.

This group drill is simply fun! This is how you integrate Wingfield into your practice with up to four players.

Alexander Zverev

Wingfield x Alexander Zverev Foundation

Fight against diabetes: Wingfield supports gala event in aid of the Alexander Zverev Foundation.

Piggy bank

Smart net post - apply for grants now

Numerous clubs have already had their purchase subsidised - we'll show you where to get support.

Video Player

Filter smart, play smarter.

After a pre-recorded match, you can use the Wingfield app to display only the most important moments.

Tennis kids.

Three tips that make your tennis camp a blast.

What's the best way to incorporate Wingfield into my tennis camp? Use these tips to ensure an unforgettable camp experience.

Tennis player.

Wingfield Club series: The Avenue Tennis

We show how the Avenue Tennis tried to attract a younger demographic with Wingfield.


Wingfield closes €4.0 million in Series A Funding.

Wingfield closes Series A Funding, targets to further grow its business in Europe and expand to the US.

Tennis player.

The newly gained comparability.

The Wingfield Court gives you measurable feedback on your shots for the first time. But what does this new comparability allow?

Tennis player watching tennis match.

Higher member retention using rich media communication.

Rethink communication to retain members in your club. Here's how Wingfield helps you.

Serving tennis player.

Why you should serve wide more often.

Especially on clay the serve wide can be a real weapon. We tell you why and how you can practice it best.

Wingfield Box.

Regular vs. smart net post.

Choosing a net post is no longer just a matter of comparing manufacturers. That's why “smart“ is always better…

Tennis player.

Wingfield Playbook: Kai's Story

Wingfield member Kai writes about his story and how Wingfield could have helped him in his former job.

Tips for your training.

Jens' tips for your training with Wingfield.

Jens is a Wingfield user of the first hour. Here he reveals three tips to help you get the full potential out of your court.

Drill Rankings Gamification.

Rankings bring Gamification to your court.

Gamification elements increase the learning success. Here you can find them at Wingfield.

TV Schwanewede Member.

Wingfield Club series: TV Schwanewede

With this digital approach, the new board of TV Schwanewede is restructuring the club’s offering.

Tennis player with iPhone

TV Schwanewede: More LK-Matches with club leagues.

This best practice shows how Wingfield's automated league format drives court usage.

Tennis court with wingfield box

Higher court usage with club leagues.

This is why it can be worth it to expand your offering with Wingfield.

Skyline with tennis player

On-demand match with LK rating.

We accompany two players in their flexible on-demand match with Wingfield.

Tennisplayer on the court

Twelve reasons why users love Wingfield.

Users share how Wingfield has taken their tennis to the next level.

Wingfield and DTB Logo

How the DTB is digitizing its tennis offerings.

The need for more flexibility is increasing. How the DTB is responding to prevailing trends with Wingfield.

Trainer with Wingfield Box

Wingfield x Marc-Kevin Goellner.

Former ATP pro about his training philosophy and why Wingfield made his coaching much easier.

Wingfield Box close up

Technology meets design.

A symbiosis of modern design and innovative technology. This is how the Wingfield Box connects your courts.

Trainer on a bench with smartphone.

This federation is setting up for the future

How a federation supports competitive and recreational sports at its base with Wingfield.

Wimbledon Handshake

Wingfield is digitalizing the Road to Wimbledon.

We make young up-and-coming players feel like professionals on the big stage.

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