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The newly gained comparability.

With Drill Scores, the Wingfield Court gives you measurable feedback on your shots for the first time. Precision and speed are broken down to simple scores which make drills comparable with each other. But what this new comparability enables you to do, we will show you in three simple use examples.

In the drill mode you can test your skills in different exercise variations with defined targets. The drills can be used in a variety of ways and bring a new level of interactivity to the court. Because directly after your exercise you can see on the Wingfield Box how well you did on a scale of 0-100.

Set season goals & track development.

Have you just started playing tennis? Excellent, then track your progress right from the beginning by regularly implementing Wingfield Drills into your practice. After all, nothing is more motivating than seeing yourself improve week by week.

By looking at your drill high scores you can easily see how your skills are developing and in which areas you still have room for improvement. Always set yourself new goals and celebrate every milestone you reach on the court. Little achievements are simply fun!

In order to keep your high scores as comparable as possible, you need to make sure that you always use the same drill pattern (e.g. forehand-cross). Make sure that you always play the same number of strokes per round and always compare the basket drills where someone feeds, ideally a ball machine.

Here, you will be able to reproduce clean shots, whereas in a rally exercise with a partner, it is more likely that you will not be able to play clean shots. The sessions will no longer be truly comparable with each other, which would falsify the results.

Wingfield member explains drills.

How to use the drill mode correctly.

Measure performance development under pressure.

In addition to the long-term development of the scores, their observation within a training session can be both informative and motivating. Cardio drills push you to your physical limits with their high intensity. But every good workout should also includes small goals, so that you can also still get everything out of yourself during the last round. The drill scores provide you with a basis for comparison.

After an exercise, check whether you were able to maintain the quality of your strokes when increasing load duration. Does the score remain constant, or does it drop significantly? Depending on your training emphasis, you can of course also just look at the progression of the accuracy or speed scores alone. Draw your conclusions for the next round.

The direct feedback after each exercise is an excellent way to set small goals for the following rounds. Try to maintain your score level as well as possible, despite increasing fatigue, or even surpass it from exercise to exercise. Here you can get creative. Many small incentives give each exercise form the certain spice. Especially in groups, this interactive format quickly develops a very fun dynamic

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Compare with other players.

Now, the first two examples were more about putting your own performances in context with each other. But as you will surely agree, comparing yourself to other players can be extremely motivating too. For this purpose we have developed the ranking feature

In the rankings you can compare your performance in different drill variations with players from the community. As soon as you set a new high score in a category, it will be synchronized with the rankings. So you can see where you stand with your scores in the global comparison. Maybe you will also find one or the other well-known name that is also on the platform.

The club rankings are much more personal. Here it’s all about your club. As soon as you played on a Wingfield court, you automatically appear in the corresponding ranking. Alone or together with a partner, you can enter the fight for the crown of your club.

ranking on smartphone

This is also possible in your club.

Tell your club and get Wingfield on your facility at the best price!

Tips for your training.

Jens' tips for your training with Wingfield.

Jens is a Wingfield user of the first hour. Here he reveals three tips to help you get the full potential out of your court.

Skyline with tennis player

On-demand match with LK rating.

We accompany two players in their flexible on-demand match with Wingfield.

Drill Rankings Gamification.

Rankings bring Gamification to your court.

Gamification elements increase the learning success. Here you can find them at Wingfield.

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