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On-demand matches with LK rating.

With the LK-Match-Validation you can challenge other players to an LK-Match whenever and wherever you want - virtually on-demand. Spontaneously meet on the Wingfield court, play an official LK match, have the result automatically checked by Wingfield and climb up the LK. Do it like Jonas and Kai...

1. Download the app & activate your account.

To play LK matches with Wingfield, Jonas and Kai have to activate their Wingfield accounts. For this, they enter their personal DTB player ID in the Wingfield app. Only if the accounts of both players are activated, the LK-Mode can be accessed at the Wingfield Box.

2. Arrange and book court.

After work, the two players from Hannover booked the Wingfield Court of TV Berenbostel for two hours. You can play an LK match on virtually any Wingfield Court. However, the booking conditions may differ from club to club. You can find an overview of all Wingfield-equipped courts using the Wingfield Court Finder in the app.

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3) Register at the Wingfield Court.

They sign in with their player accounts at the Wingfield Court. To do this, they scan their personal check-in codes with the two cameras of the Wingfield box. In addition to the three familiar game modes Match, Freeplay and Drill, they can now also select the LK mode.

4) Start LK mode and play match.

Before the match, you will be reminded of the most important rules in the LK mode:

  • Best of three sets are played (the third set is played as a match tiebreak).

  • It must be played with the official balls of the relevant state's association of the DTB / in foreign countries with official balls of the national association.

  • For the validation, processing and transmission of the LK-Matches 12,99 Euro per player will be charged (part of which will go to the club).

Wingfield App with timeslots.

That is what you need to consider

The two players will warm up before they officially start their LK-Match at the Wingfield Box. In order to access their match stats and highlight videos after the match, they follow Wingfield’s general rules of conduct for good tracking. These are independent from the subsequent validation of the match, but guarantee an accurate provision of match statistics like e.g. serve rates.

Wingfield box screen.

5) Confirm result at the Wingfield Box.

After the match, the two players enter their final result at the Wingfield Box. By submitting the result, they confirm their input as well as the subsequent verification of their match.

Your result will now be compared with the result tracked by the system and checked for any anomalies, such as rule violations or unfair play. If conspicuities have been detected in one of the two areas, the corresponding sections will be checked by means of video evidence. Only if there is absolutely no concern, the result will be released to the DTB.

6) The match does not end on the court.

Still on the court, Jonas and Kai can access their match statistics. Jonas has allowed himself too many mistakes, especially in the first set. However, his beautiful longline winner is still wildly discussed by the two.

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7) Settlement with the LK.

Within 72 hours, the result is calculated towards the LK. As soon as the verification process has been completed without any objections, the players will receive a confirmation e-mail. The updated performance class can be called up later in the mybigpoint profile.

This all works in your club, too.

Bring the most flexible way to play LK matches on demand to your club as well.

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TV Schwanewede: More LK-Matches with club leagues.

This best practice shows how Wingfield's automated league format drives court usage.

Tennis court with wingfield box

Higher court usage with club leagues.

This is why it can be worth it to expand your offering with Wingfield.

Wimbledon Handshake

Wingfield is digitalizing the Road to Wimbledon.

We make young up-and-coming players feel like professionals on the big stage.

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