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Higher court usage with club leagues.

At the start of a new season, the same questions always come up: How do I get my indoor facility booked to capacity, especially at unattractive times? How can I upgrade my facility with new offers? And how can I not only attract new customers and set myself apart from the competition, but perhaps even increase my revenue per court? With our digital services, we want to provide answers to these questions. Here you can find out why it’s worthwhile for indoor court operators to think about how to bring their business model into the digital age.

There’s no doubt about it: a smart tennis court offers all users more possibilities than a conventional offline court. Once the court is made smart, it opens up access to a variety of great tools and functions. From exciting analyses and highlight videos of the match to helpful coaching tools.

Anyone who is a fan of visible progress and gamification will find Wingfield to be just the right toy. But even beyond these soft factors, investing in smart technology can also have a measurable positive impact on the success of your business.

Expand the offering with new game formats.

As you know, players can challenge each other to an LK match with Wingfield and play it out on any Wingfield court.

For you as an indoor court operator, this is of course particularly interesting when it attracts new customer groups to your facility. But that’s not all: clever marketing strategies make it possible for you to increase your court usage.

The DTB officially recommends booking two hours for an LK match with Wingfield. From a marketing perspective, the two-hour LK-Match can be seen as a new bookable product, which you can use to optimize your indoor court usage even further.

Wingfield Club Leagues as a driving force for court bookings.

To make the adoption of LK matches easy, court operators can make use of our automated league formats. Registered players flexibly play league matches on the Wingfield court over the winter. The results are automatically transmitted by the system, officially validated and directly calculated towards the personal DTB performance class - all without much effort on your part.

Let’s crunch a few numbers for a moment: Based on six participants, each league can be calculated with 15 matches or 30 guaranteed booked hours. Since the player, in addition to the court booking, also has to pay for the balls as well as the validation of the matches to the association, we recommend you to price the double hour at a discount. Depending on the price level in your region, you can calculate with e.g. 30 EUR. This way the league price remains attractive for the player. Since all hours are paid in advance, you have already secured your revenue - the league can be compared to a conventional subscription in terms of cash flow.

Offer something special.

Attracting new customer groups is certainly one of the biggest marketing challenges. Facilities equipped with high-tech and a digital hall concept can be enormously strong assets in this respect. After all, the “most modern indoor facility in the region” will attract more players than the “low-profile facility next door.” Innovative technology sharpens the positioning of one’s own offering. Offering something that no one else offers. Isn’t that what your facility is all about?

This is possible at your facility as well.

Wingfield gives tennis an even greater emotional boost. Whether it’s the highlight reel of a competitive LK match that I can watch over and over again, or the clarity after a bitter defeat where Wingfield lets me know right away what to look for next time. So what are you waiting for? Contact our team now without any obligation!

Tennis player with iPhone

TV Schwanewede: More LK-Matches with club leagues.

This best practice shows how Wingfield's automated league format drives court usage.

Skyline with tennis player

On-demand match with LK rating.

We accompany two players in their flexible on-demand match with Wingfield.

Wimbledon Handshake

Wingfield is digitalizing the Road to Wimbledon.

We make young up-and-coming players feel like professionals on the big stage.

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