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TV Schwanewede: More LK-Matches with club leagues.

Running tournaments or leagues usually involves huge time concessions. Planning, registration, organisation on the day itself, reporting results to the federations...Can’t technology simplify that? We make the Wingfield Court the venue for automated and, most importantly, official match formats. Results are validated by the system and automatically submitted to the appropriate interfaces - whether to federations or to our tournament and league applications. Let’s take a look at the Wingfield Club TV Schwanewede, which established a new league offering with the club leagues.

The Goal

The possibility to have matches count towards the DTB Leistungsklasse with Wingfield should be integrated into the current match operation. The goal was to test whether the resulting revenue could be used to cover a portion of the running costs of the Wingfield Courts.

About Wingfield Club Leagues

Wingfield Club Leagues is an automated LK league format where all matches can be played flexibly over a set period of time on the Wingfield Court. All results are automatically transmitted, officially validated and thus directly calculated towards the personal DTB performance class.

The Challenge.

In the summer of 2021, TV Schwanewede equipped one of its courts with Wingfield. In order to familiarize the members with the new possibilities right from the start, the system was firmly integrated into the playing operations. In addition to the integration into the training, the LK feature played a special role.

The LK application is particularly exciting for TV Schwanewede because here revenue from the processing of LK challenge matches flows proportionately back to the court owner. Although the investment in Wingfield was primarily understood as an enhancement of the own offer, it should still be tested to what extent running costs can be covered by the LK operation.

The approach.

Members could now challenge each other to an LK match through Wingfield and flexibly play on the Wingfield court. However, in order to provide further opportunities for official matches in addition to the privately organized challenge matches, Wingfield’s LK leagues were launched over the summer. Six players play each other for the league title in a round robin format. The administrative part, from the league registration and division to the transmission and verification of the matches, is largely automated by Wingfield - without any effort on the part of the club.

The entry fee for the outdoor version of the Wingfield League is 99 euros per player. The package includes balls, a prize for the winner, and the processing fee for five LK matches (in the club leagues, part of this fee flows back to the club). When a league is established, each registered player is sent voucher codes that can be used to conveniently order the official match balls.

Implementation & Marketing.

Before the start, the details of the league are determined: When does it start and how long should it run? How can the court be blocked for two hours so that LK matches can be safely completed? All the information is then compiled on a landing page, which members can use to register directly.

To make as many members as possible aware of the Club League, the link to the website was sent out to club members via newsletter and advertised on the club’s own website and social media channels. Coaches and team captains were also asked via WhatsApp to target their own groups and teams.

After a short registration phase, three 6-player leagues were quickly formed. Over a period of eight weeks, the 45 scheduled matches could then be played in arbritrary order and with complete flexibility in terms of time.

Tennis player with iPhone

And then it starts: block Wingfield Court for two hours, log on to the Wingfield Box and start LK mode, play the match and submit the result to the Wingfield Box. The intuitive operation and unique user experience stands out here as well: insightful evaluations of the match clearly distinguish the playing experience from a match on an analog court. And as soon as a new league match has been played, all participants in the league can also enjoy the highlight clips of their respective matches.

“The members love the new league format. Despite the short registration period, we were able to start three leagues quickly. The fact that official LK matches are played makes it even more exciting for the participants. Great boost for the game and club life.”

Dennis Bokelmann (1st Chairman)

The Impact.

Leagues were a resounding success for TV Schwanewede. Through a clear scope, many members had their first contact with the Wingfield Court and were able to familiarize themselves with its possibilities. Moreover, during the two-months league period, not only the usage of the court but also the use of the LK feature were boosted.

The league was therefore a great tool to kickstart usage of Wingfield at the club. A positive side effect: with a turnover of 225 euros, part of the purchase costs of the Wingfield Court could be amortised without much effort. This case can be further calculated and transferred to a higher number of leagues of course. With the fixed integration of Wingfield Leagues in the summer and winter season, this results in a potential, proportional refinancing option for the Wingfield Court.

Next Steps & Learnings.

Because the Wingfield Court was installed during the current summer season, the potential window for leagues as well as their registration period was shortened. Therefore, the start of the next leagues should coincide with the start of the corresponding season, so that the period during which leagues are played can be extended and thus more leagues can possibly be realized.

This is also possible in your club.

Bring the most flexible way to play LK demand matches to your club too.

Tennis court with wingfield box

Higher court usage with club leagues.

This is why it can be worth it to expand your offering with Wingfield.

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On-demand match with LK rating.

We accompany two players in their flexible on-demand match with Wingfield.

Wimbledon Handshake

Wingfield is digitalizing the Road to Wimbledon.

We make young up-and-coming players feel like professionals on the big stage.

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