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Rankings bring gamification to your court.

It has been proven that playful elements increase learning success - whether at school, at work, or on the tennis court. Badges, level systems, scores: Games arouse many emotions - positive and negative, curiosity and ambition, pride and frustration. Players are more emotionally involved as soon as they can draw their motivation from visible progress.

Through instant feedback while playing, we experience the direct consequences of our actions. Colorful animated progress bars, newly achieved levels, high scores and records give us orientation, security and confirmation: Where do I stand? What am I capable of already? And above all, what can I still improve? A presumed failure is quickly turned into a learning experience and at the same time triggers our ambition.

What has always been used in gaming, we bring to the tennis court. The Wingfield Court makes areas of the game measurable that previously simply lacked a basis for evaluation. The shot quality or even entire drills are transformed by the system into a simple scoring system based on many data points measured in the background (such as their speed and precision). After a drill, players receive feedback on how good their performance was on a scale of 0 to 100, all while still on court.

In the past, it was just a gut feeling, but today it's a direct evaluation of your skills. And here we have it again: Where do I stand? What am I capable of already? What can I still improve? Progress becomes more tangible, and goals can be pursued even more clearly. This is motivating and at the same time extremely fun!

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Rankings allow you to compare yourself with players from all over the world.

While players could previously only rank their personal performance for themselves, it is now possible to compare it with all players on the platform. Our rankings now show you the best players in their respective category for different shot types and drill modes.

If you reach a new personal high score (for example in a forehand drill), it will appear directly in the corresponding ranking. It is in the nature of us athletes to compare ourselves. We are constantly looking for a challenge and the challenge among each other to grow further and further. This is exactly where the rankings come in and open a new, fun way of competing in many clubs.

In addition to the global comparison, players can also immortalize themselves on the respective ranking of the club. Many coaches use these individual club rankings to provide extra motivation with small monthly challenges in their practice sessions. Whether they are competing individually or as a team, the young players in particular want to quickly get the last percent out of themselves.

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Compare with the pros.

It's especially exciting for us recreational players that we can compare our skills with (future) professionals, isn't it? Up-and-coming young talents such as DTB junior Nicole Rivkin, but also established names such as Jan-Lennard Struff or ex-Davis Cup champion Marc-Kevin Goellner are already playing on the platform.

The tennis base in Straubing has also been using Wingfield and the scoring system as a practice tool for some time. Under the guidance of ex-professional player Marc Sieber (ATP career high 236), Peter Heller (ATP career high 345) and Jereon Vanneste (ATP career high 314) are preparing for the upcoming tournaments. So, if you browse through the rankings a bit, you will quickly come across one or another well-known name and can see how you perform against the pros.

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