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Twelve reasons why users love Wingfield.

Why Wingfield is worth the money? For some, it’s the new practice approaches that Wingfield offers. For others, it’s more the automated competition formats or even the enhancement of general playing experience through match statistics or highlight video content. Twelve users share why they love Wingfield and what features have elevated their tennis to a new level.

Wingfield keeps the motivation in practice high.

“As soon as my players improve technically or just get stronger, it’s reflected in their stats. The drill scores are an easy understandable tool. Everyone always knows where they stand and how much is still missing compared to their practice partner.”

Matthias B., Hamburg

More than just data analysis

“For us as a club, Wingfield was an excellent investment. The court is used in so many ways. In the beginning, we had difficulties explaining to the long-established skeptics in our club where the potential of the technology lies. Wingfield is simply more than just data analysis. The fact that our youth players keep running onto the court to improve their position in the club’s internal Wingfield rankings is the best proof for me. Wingfield brings a new kind of interaction to our club life.”

Ellen P., London

I’m getting back into more LK matches.

A few years ago, I used to play LK matches regularly. However, with work and family, I unfortunately had to cut back on all that. Now, I use Wingfield’s match validation every now and then with people from the club to improve my performance class. Wingfield provides the necessary flexibility.

Lars P., Frankfurt

The new normal.

“To be honest, it was a bit strange at the beginning. First of all, Wingfield was an extra thing to set up and think about. But thanks to its simple functionality, it quickly became the norm for me, our coaches and our players. Now we use the Wingfield Court every day. We love it!”

Ashley N., Hampshire

Wingfield attracts new players.

“Young brand, young target audience. But at our facility, older players also use Wingfield to get those last few percents out of themselves again. We have also made our court accessible to external guests at certain time slots and thus attract new players to the facility every now and then who want to play a LK match spontaneously with Wingfield, for example.”

Bastian C., Bremen

Wingfield leagues increase court usage.

“Members love Wingfield’s club leagues. Over the summer, we were able to launch three leagues. The fact that official LK matches are played in the process makes it even more exciting for the participants. Great boosts for match play and club life.”

Dennis B., Schwanewede

With Wingfield I can see my progress.

“I’ve been playing tennis for half a year now. In the beginning, I always thought to myself, ‘It can’t be that hard, you have a feel for the ball.’ Until the first time I stood on the court with friends. With Wingfield, I could see with every practice how areas I was working on improved. Seeing the development always motivates me a lot. Just makes you happy, too.”

Julia M., Hanover

Like a smart assistant coach.

“I can work with more players at the same time, but at the same time keep my practice and coaching quality high. On one court, I train with one or two players, while on the wingfield court next to me, two more players, either check in for match practice or play some drills with the ball machine. Then, afterwards, we discuss the session based on the match data.”

Marc-Kevin G., Cologne

Getting better from match to match.

“Like every tennis player, I often get really annoyed about things that just don’t work out in a match. Since we have Wingfield in the club, I can watch the critical sequences of my match again on video. The tools in the video player are very easy to use. Reasons for some unforced errors are not directly obvious, even after years on the court.”

Andreas B., Vienna

Positioning as a modern tennis facility.

“Wingfield gives my indoor facility the title “modern” and “innovative”. In marketing that helps enormously. Why should players book a normal court while with Wingfield they can access evaluations and videos of their sessions. I observe that players automatically become more engaged with their game and are more likely to book again. By the way, then also always the Wingfield court.”

Sven L., Berlin

Interactive feedback on the court.

“I notice that players understand my corrections even better thanks to Wingfield. When I give feedback on technique, I show it directly on court in the video. That definitely leads to more learning success. And players are even more excited to come to practice.”

Jim B., Winchester

Great motivator at tennis camps.

“At the beginning and end of our tennis camps, we always do a status quo test and measure the shot quality of all participants with drill scores. This before and after comparison is always very popular as it always illustrates the improvements after the week. The players leave the camps super motivated.”

Sabine L., Leipzig

This is also possible in your club.

Tell your club and get Wingfield on your facility at the best price!

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