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Wingfield x Marc-Kevin Goellner.

When you enter Marc-Kevin Goellner’s tennis academy in Cologne’s Rodenkirchen district, it quickly becomes clear that someone is at work here who understands tennis. On 5 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts, around 30 academy players enjoy all-round support - whether on court, in the athletics area or in mental training. The integration of various technologies plays a central role in the training concept.

The integration of modern training technologies is lived by Marc-Kevin and his coaching team. In addition to the racquet, a tablet is part of the basic equipment of every coach. Vital signs are checked during the sessions, technique is analyzed on video, development is tracked.

The former ATP Top 26 player has already equipped two courts with Wingfield. For him, direct visual feedback on the court and data-oriented practice planning and management, form the basis of sustainable player development.

Goellner and player on the court.

“I have all the tools I need in one app.“

Interactive feedback on the court.

One of the biggest challenges as a coach is surely to make players understand what you see yourself on the court. Goellner and his coaching team therefore go through the training data on the tablet with the athletes directly after practice if necessary.

VVideo for technique improvement, speed and placement data to monitor the success of set practice goals: Players better understand what they are doing on the court and the impact certain adjustments have on their game. The direct visual feedback is the key to increasing learning curves and makes the work of the entire team much easier.

Match practice gets a higher quality.

This is especially true in the context of practice matches. With Wingfield, you can create match-like situations. As soon as the players are aware that they are being recorded, they give that decisive extra percent on the court.

Afterwards, the coaches can discuss certain match sequences again on video and draw conclusions for future practice focuses based on the match statistics. What is striking is that this seems to open up completely new possibilities, especially for working with larger groups. While Goellner is working with pro Stephanie Wagner on court 1, two other players are playing a practice match on the neighboring Wingfield Court. The results are discussed together afterwards.

“Wingfield is like a second pair of eyes. Knowing that I can analyze every practice again on video, I can focus on what really matters on the court.”

Marc-Kevin Goellner (former ATP Top 26)

Performance tests are now regularly carried out with the players at the academy, in which the Wingfield drill scores are measured and evaluated. Based on the data, not only can strengths and weaknesses of the players be identified and practice content adjusted accordingly, but also progress in practice can be measured for the first time.

From practice.

At the end of last year, we worked on Stephanie Wagner’s strength levels and changed her serve in the process. From day one, we were able to track the impact of each week of training based on her serve scores. While an increase in her strength level was initially reflected positively in her speed scores, it had a negative impact on her serve accuracy. By making adjustments to her technique, we were able to compensate for this and ultimately solidify her serve score at a record high.

Graph with drill scores.
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