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Three tips that make your tennis camp a blast.

Practice sessions can be made much more interactive with Wingfield, especially for tennis camps because it opens up completely new possibilities. But how can I best integrate Wingfield into my daily camp routine? Let us inspire you! These tips will ensure an unforgettable camp experience.

Close to the player thanks to professional analysis.

Video analysis should be an integral part of your camps. There’s no question that it makes it easier to communicate practice content and adjustments. For kids, it’s definitely cool to see themselves play. For older participants, it can an element of great value for your camp and also an eye-opener for technical or tactical issues.

The use of technology in practice always exudes professionalism. Dedicating a video analysis session to a player’s technical problems also conveys the feeling of being looked after individually. But how can you best integrate this tool into your daily camp routine so that it has the greatest possible impact?

You have two options: Either video coaching takes place directly on court during practice or you implement it as a separate session in your practice schedule. However, to emphasize on the unique nature of video analysis and to be able to work with your players more effectively, we recommend that you dedicate a separate section of the camp program to it. Conveniently connect your smartphone or tablet to a large screen so that video sequences can be discussed more easily in smaller groups.

There are a few things you should keep in mind beforehand. Determine what the focus of your video analysis session should be and define the topics that will be worked on when using the Wingfield Court. If your focus is on match analysis, you can play out points or entire sets - this way you don’t even have to have a coach present on the court. Make sure that in the end every participant has had the chance to play on the Wingfield Court at least once.

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Make progress tangible in your camp.

Each of your players will have different expectations going into your camp. But a full week of tennis should always be about improving your game. With Wingfield you can easily track your personal progress. Being able to actually see how you improved your shots will make every player go home with a with a good feeling.

In Wingfields Drill Mode, you can test your shots in different practice variations with defined target areas. The drills can be used in a variety of ways to bring a new level of interaction to the court. Because directly after your practice, players get feedback on the Wingfield Box about how well they did on a scale of 0-100.

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Use the drill scores to do a status quo test at the beginning and end of your camp. Start the week with an assessment of your players abilities to get a good understanding of their forehand, backhand and serve levels. This helps you to define individual goals for the week and to monitor their achievements at the end of the week. Over the course of the camp, the players have a goal against which they can measure their performance.

To ensure that your high scores are as comparable as possible, you need to make sure that you always use the same drill structure (e.g. forehand-cross). Make sure that you always play the same number of strokes per round and always compare basket drills where a coach or ideally a ball machine feeds the ball.

Very important: Think of it less from an extreme performance perspective but more as a playful element to make development more tangible. Every improvement, no matter how small, is another feeling of success and is simply fun!

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Competitive flair with official LK matches.

The last day of the camp is usually the match day. Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into the match. In Germany, you can already provide an additional incentive with your Wingfield Court and have matches officially validated for the performance class. The LK feature is the easiest way to provide additional value without having to worry about organizing or even registering for an official tournament.

If you want to integrate LK matches in a structured way over the course of the entire camp, it is best to open a Wingfield LK League. The entire organization is outsourced to Wingfield. Small groups of 6 players per LK league will play in a round robin format. Results are automatically checked, submitted and officially validated by the Wingfield Court. Without additional effort, an official match can take place parallel to the camp.

Using the Wingfield Court as an official match court during your camp also has another positive side effect: All LK matches are played in a real competitive situation, which is usually difficult to create in practice. Therefore you will have access to perfect material for your match and video analysis. First the official match, then the professional analysis with you and your coaches. The perfect story for your camp!

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