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Filter smart, play smarter.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, our video analysis tools are able to filter entire matches precisely according to certain shots, sequences or playing patterns. After a pre-recorded match, you can use the Wingfield app to display only the most important moments, saving you valuable time and nerves during your Match analysis.

If you are dedicated on the court, you want to take a closer look at your own game. What didn’t go so well, what can be done better next time? In a match, we often notice that something is a little off. If only we could see ourselves play more often...

Without the hassle of trying to film yourself, Wingfield always gives you an easy way to spontaneously record entire matches. We go beyond conventional video analysis tools, because in all video applications of the Wingfield app we rely on intelligent AI processes that get the most out of your recordings.

The system understands what is happening on the court at all times, identifies special sequences in the match - such as winners, aces or net attacks - recognizes the different types of shots, tracks speeds and automatically counts the result in the background. Each individual video sequence is enriched with additional information that makes later navigation within the recordings more user-friendly.

Highlights on video player.

Demo video tools

After a match on the Wingfield Court, all data is synchronized with the app and your user account. Instead of having to scroll through long recordings to find certain match situations or to find sources of errors on your own, Wingfield helps you out.

Use the skip pauses feature to automatically hide idle time between points. With the smart controls of the video player, you can now easily filter match videos according to certain criteria. The player selection determines whether the respective filter is applied to you or your opponent.

For example, only show your mistakes in the match. Was your footwork bad on the backhand side or did your forehand get tight? The video-based feedback highlights possible reasons for losing points. You’ll quickly notice that you’re developing a better understanding of what you could optimize next time.

Focus on Filters


Filter your video according to certain patterns - like Return+1 - and check if your returns had good depth to put the opponent under pressure. Do you bring enough variety into your shots and do you take the necessary risk to take the ball early and play aggressively down the line?


Among the pros, over 60% of the points are decided within 0-4 shots. In the amateur level, it is no different. Therefore, it can be beneficial to focus on how the player opens the rally. Use the Serve+1 filter to see if you can mix up your serves appropriately to exploit your opponents specific weaknesses. Open the court - meaning serve out wide with the following shot down the line - is an effective way of either quickly going for the point or at least putting the opponent in a difficult situation.

Defensive plays

With the filter Defensive Plays, you will see all rallies in which you may have played (too) cautiously. Did you get pushed back too far, giving your opponent easy ways to win points?

Tennis player.

The newly gained comparability.

The Wingfield Court gives you measurable feedback on your shots for the first time. But what does this new comparability allow?

Tips for your training.

Jens' tips for your training with Wingfield.

Jens is a Wingfield user of the first hour. Here he reveals three tips to help you get the full potential out of your court.

TV Schwanewede Member.

Wingfield Club series: TV Schwanewede

With this digital approach, the new board of TV Schwanewede is restructuring the club’s offering.

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