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Smart net post - apply for grants now.

You want to upgrade your tennis courts with Wingfield and are looking for suitable funding? We have good news for you! A number of public bodies are interested in ensuring that sports facilities are constantly being developed and that regional sports offerings are always getting new impulses. Numerous clubs have already received public grants for their Wingfield Court - we'll show you where you can get support.


MTV Schöningen (127 members)

Grant from a sports foundation.

Why should you invest in smart tennis courts in the first place?

Investing in Wingfield means transforming analogue tennis courts into digitally connected playing fields. Wherever amateur tennis players want to improve or compete, they will find the perfect tool in Wingfield. With its innovative tracking technology, the Wingfield Court enables completely new training approaches that put the players' development in the limelight. Especially at the beginner level, video-based coaching leads to increasing learning curves and less frustration in training. A number of public institutions have a strong interest in supporting precisely such developments.

TV Schwanewede Instagram post.

What subsidies are available?

For some years now, public bodies such as the regional or investment banks of the federal states have increasingly been subsidising the digital transformation of the German club and SME landscape. Large digital funding programmes thus make it possible for even the smallest clubs to purchase a Wingfield Court.

Here you will find an overview of larger and partly supra-regional funding programmes that our clients have already successfully used (this list makes no claim to be complete or up to date).

While dedicated digitisation funding for clubs and SMEs is usually adopted through larger-scale pacts at federal or state level and is often only available on a temporary basis, smaller infrastructure projects or projects to maintain sports operations (e.g. the purchase of new sports equipment) are often subsidised by regional and municipal bodies.

The availability of such funding can vary from place to place. It is therefore recommended to obtain information from the relevant regional institutions, such as the city and state sports federation, the municipality, regional foundations or even city and district savings banks as well as Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken.


Heikendorf Tennis Club (395 members)

Investment subsidies from the Federal State Sports Federation (construction, sports equipment, digitalisation)

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Grants for Wingfield, how does it work?

In most cases, funding programmes impose certain conditions on applicants. Usually, these guidelines are formulated as generally as possible in order to avoid excluding innovative or previously unknown projects in advance. You will therefore not find a funding guideline that is geared 1:1 towards the purchase of a Wingfield Court.

In order to apply for public funding or grants, it is important to present your investment project (and its goals) as convincingly as possible and to present it in accordance with the stated funding purpose. As mentioned above, public funding bodies are particularly interested in future-oriented digital projects. A focus on this topic in your project description is therefore highly recommended.

The experience of existing clients shows: Depending on the interpretation of the funding purpose, the investment in Wingfield can be classified in a wide range of categories, which significantly expands the selection of potential funding programmes. On the one hand, Wingfield can be purchased to modernise and upgrade the club's infrastructure, while at the same time being a piece of sports equipment, and on the other hand it can be designated as a future-oriented digitalisation project.


TVH Rüsselsheim-Hassloch (211 members)

Subsidy for sports projects from regional savings bank

In order to ensure that subsidies are actually used for their intended purpose, applications for subsidies are sometimes subject to very strict review procedures - which is understandable from a donor's point of view. Since the processing of applications can take several weeks, you should find out early on whether you will be supported in your city, region or federal state.

Note that applications for funding must normally be made before the actual purchase of the court. If the prices listed on our website are not sufficient, we will be happy to send you a non-binding offer that you can submit with your application.

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If you have any further questions about funding programmes and a possible application, we will be happy to help you at any time.


Tennis-Cub Blau-Weiß Sundern (379 members)

Regional programme of the city for the modernisation of sports facilities

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