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AI-based match validation: DTB and Wingfield unveil Mobile LK Service

Press: The German Tennis Federation (DTB), in partnership with the tech company Wingfield, is excited to announce an expansion of their AI-driven match validation service. Starting from May 14, tennis players can now officially record Generali performance class (LK) matches at their convenience, anywhere and at any time, using their smartphones through a newly developed mobile app.

Generali Performance Classes: DTB as a Global Trailblazer

With an active community of approximately 400,000 players, the Generali Performance Classification System is a cornerstone of the German tennis landscape. The introduction of AI-powered match validation by Wingfield in 2021 marked a revolutionary step forward, enabling players to engage in official ranking matches beyond traditional team competitions, leagues, and LK tournaments. Wingfield's technology guarantees that matches that have been played with their tracking systems (Wingfield Courts) adhere to DTB's regulations and fairness standards, with results automatically submitted to the DTB ranking system. The German Tennis Federation is the only association so far utilizing artificial intelligence to uphold the integrity of its ranking system.

Elevate Your Performance Class Using Just Your Smartphone

More than 5,000 players, with access to one of more than 400 Wingfield systems across Germany, have already embraced Wingfield's match validation service. The DTB and Wingfield are now extending this initiative with a mobile app, allowing players without access to a Wingfield Court to compete in LK matches with unparalleled flexibility. Beginning May 14, this feature becomes officially accessible.

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Simon Papendorf, DMSG's Managing Director, emphasizes, “Our commitment at the DTB to digital transformation continues unabated. Wingfield's mobile solutions are lowering the barriers to entry for official competitions, ensuring every player can compete at any time, relevant to their skill level.“

Maik Burlage, Wingfield's founder and CEO, adds, “The past two years have proved a clear demand for more flexible competition formats. This feedback motivates us to deepen our investment in this are and enrich our current offerings with the mobile app.“

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How Smartphone Validation Works

To use Wingfield for LK match play, download the free app from the App Store or Google Play, and set up a user account. Linking this account to your mybigpoint profile grants full access to all LK functions within the app.

Matches are recorded using a smartphone positioned on a tripod (or comparable items) behind the baseline, with the Wingfield app managing the process. After the match, the result is verified within the app and submitted for official validation, undergoing an independent review before being forwarded to the DTB ranking system.

LK Matches Still Possible With Wingfield Boxes

LK matches and automated LK league formats remain available through Wingfield's established tracking systems (Wingfield Courts), offering not just official ratings but also comprehensive match analysis via the Wingfield app.

AI Guarantees Performance Class Integrity

AI algorithms scrutinize match data, ensuring adherence to rules and the accuracy of results. Matches meeting all criteria are directly submitted to the DTB and LK scoring systems. However, any match irregularities trigger video tagging for further review by trained personnel, safeguarding the integrity of the validation process.

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How the validation works

100 free matches at launch

The first 100 matches played will not be charged when the new function is released. After that, a fee of 12.99 euros per player will be charged for processing a Wingfield LK match (whether recorded with Wingfield Box or with a smartphone). If you would like to benefit from significant discounts on the processing fee, you can find more information on this in the Wingfield app.

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DTB and Wingfield extend partnership

The German Tennis Federation and Wingfield are extending their partnership and working on an expansion of their digital LK service.

Wingfield and DTB Logo

How the DTB is digitizing its tennis offerings.

The need for more flexibility is increasing. How the DTB is responding to prevailing trends with Wingfield.

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