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Regular vs. smart net post: That's the question.

Net posts are really not a topic that should concern you too often. But new technologies also bring new possibilities. Choosing a net post is no longer just a matter of comparing manufacturers. Much more crucial is the question, “Shouldn’t my net post maybe be able to do even more than just tension my net?” Here are three reasons why “smart” is always better.

The Wingfield Box is our high-tech answer to the traditional net post. During the session, all tennis-related activities are captured by its two high-speed cameras and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It creates the basis for a variety of new possibilities that were previously unthinkable in amateur tennis....

Extended offer.

With Wingfield, the match no longer ends on the court. Similar to fitness trackers or running apps, you are provided with a variety of statistics and automatically generated highlight videos after the match. The system tracks the quality of your practice exercises in real time and transfers this information into an intuitive rating system. This gives you a direct assessment of your performance while you are still on the court.

The Wingfield Box is also used for official matches. As part of the partnership with the German Tennis Federation (DTB), the Wingfield Court becomes an independent control authority. The system analyzes whether a match is played according to the rules and submits the results directly to the DTB and the LK rating system.

Box with player

New marketing opportunities.

Attracting new members or customer groups is certainly one of the biggest challenges as a tennis provider. Innovative technology can be a powerful marketing tool in this regard. After all, the “state-of-the-art club in the region” will attract more players than the “low-profile club next door”. Wingfield sharpens the positioning of your offer and develops it further in a future-oriented way.

Use the possibility to play official matches with Wingfield to attract external players to your facility. Our Court Finder provides the necessary visibility. By the way, in Germany a part of the handling fee for a LK match goes back to the facility operator.

See the Wingfield Court also as a content generator. Word that you have installed Wingfield in your facility will spread at the latest when the first highlight videos of your users are shared online or you use the content yourself for more multimedia reporting of your tennis operations. In any case, both attract attention.

More aesthetic than conventional net posts.

It’s hard to believe, but on top of that, the Wingfield Box also tensions your net. And it’s a real eye-catcher, too. Wingfield fits seamlessly on your tennis court. Without a doubt, anyone with a sense of aesthetics and design will simply love the striking white box at the net. Not only does it radiate innovation and modernity, but it also adds that certain something to any court.

Fasten the net.

Simple setup

What you should be aware of.

Removable net posts

The Wingfield Box replaces the net post without a tensioning mechanism. Before you start, make sure it’s not set in concrete. The integrated post of the Wingfield Box covers the common ground socket dimensions (round: 76mm or 83mm; square: 80x80mm). In case of deviations please contact us. We will always find a solution.

Operation of the Wingfield Court

The Wingfield Box requires a power and internet connection at the court. A conventional 230V connection is sufficient. For outdoor installations you only have to make sure that it is waterproof.

To access your data quickly after the session, we recommend an upload speed of at least 10mbit/s. You can connect the Wingfield Box via LAN cable either directly to your router or to a WIFI repeater.

Cabling on the court

Depending on your aesthetic requirements, there are of course many ways to wire the Wingfield Court. Consider in advance whether this might include other projects that also require power.

In general, we recommend that you run the cables around the edges of the court in empty tubes/hoses. That way, all cables can usually be hidden well. For the cabling from the edge of the court to the Wingfield Box, we recommend laying the cables underground to avoid possible tripping hazards on the court. To do this, run a hose under the ground to the net post. Through it, the power cable and LAN cable are laid into the Wingfield Box. For indoor installation, we also always supply an elastic cable bridge.

Wiring the Box
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