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I’m ex talent recruiter: This is how Wingfield changed my game.

Welcome to the Wingfield Playbook, where users tell us what they love about Wingfield. In this episode, Kai writes about his story and how Wingfield could have helped him in his former job as a talent recruiter at his college. If you’re also a Wingfield Member and would like the chance to share your own story, get in touch with us.

About me.

My name: Kai Lemke

My club DTV Hannover

I’ve been a Wingfield Member since: June 2021

My occupation: Customer Success Manager

To introduce myself: My name is Kai and I live in Hannover, Germany. I finished my master’s degree in the US and worked as a talent recruiter for the mens tennis team of my college before I came back to Germany.

It has been an interesting transition from being a college athlete focusing on my studies and Tennis to being a full-time employee. Since starting my Job, I haven’t been able to focus on my own sport as much anymore. Quite frankly, the motivation wasn’t as great as it used to be.

That changed when I was introduced to Wingfield. Being able to challenge yourself with other players from the community in the new ranking system motivated me a lot. It is also really cool to see yourself on video because I can see what areas I need to improve better than ever.

“Wingfield would have made my recruiting processes much easier and accurate.“

How Wingfield could change the game.

I wish Wingfield was a well-known as it is now back when I was talent recruiter for my college team. It would have made the recruiting process much easier and accurate. Recruiting international players can be tricky because you only see a few results online and a video that they record themselves.

So naturally, players use their best footage to send to the coach. That’s where Wingfield can help the process and evaluation immensely. Seeing a full practice session or match of a player with all the stats and speed of the shots all in one would have been a massive game changer.

A recent achievement I’m proud of: I got up to be top 10 in the forehand basket drill in the world!

My most frequently used feature: Drill mode

My advice to other Wingfield Members: If you are a junior player aspiring to go play college tennis in the US, use Wingfield to record your recruiting video. It will save yourself a lot of time and effort. I remember when I had to record mine back in 2014. My coach had to use his phone which made the video look a bit unprofessional.

It all works in your club, too.

Tell your club and get Wingfield on your facility at the best price!

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