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This federation is setting up for the future

Anyone who thinks that federations tend to be slow and are not always up to date with their technology will change their minds when they visit the Tennis center of Schleswig-Holstein in Wahlstedt. The examples of Angelique Kerber and Julia Goerges show that good work has been done in the north for quite some time. However, the federation does not want to stop there and is exploring many ways to support the strongest players in the federation in the best possible as well as promoting the leisure sport. For the coaches up north, this includes working with Wingfield.

Thanks to the combination of club and federation, the facility in Wahlstedt serves a relatively broad audience - from amateur level to competitive players. When deciding on Wingfield, the simple usability of the system was an important factor at the time. Players and coaches are not overloaded with data but can decide for themselves how deeply they want to dive into the material.

It was confirmed relatively quickly that with recreational players, the focus is on working with the video analysis tools, while with competitive players, a data-oriented approach often makes sense. Especially seeing the data retrospective has an extremely high motivational character for the players. Wingfield brings a new quality to practice.

Federation President Frank Intert sees his federation “as a driving force for such technologies,” whose potential should not only be made available to as many clubs as possible, but also meaningfully integrated into coach development.

Trainer next to the Wingfield Box.

The demand will be huge.

New coaching approaches in association training.

While practice is underway on the courts in Wahlstedt, it quickly becomes apparent how normal it has become to use the Wingfield boxes. Quickly pull out your cell phone, open the app, log in on the display - and off you go. Junior players discuss at length who has improved their “serve score” the most in recent weeks.

Young tennis player logging in to the Wingfield Box.

Especially when players only come to practice on certain days, it can be extremely valuable if the home clubs are already working with Wingfield. The coaches can therefore access the data and videos of their athletes and on the one hand always keep an eye on the development, but on the other hand also adapt practice contents accordingly.

The coach remains the center of competence.

Despite the new possibilities: There are situations in which it is essential for coaches to see their students face to face - for example, in talent scouting, which decides who gets supported and how. For these areas, Wingfield could offer a data-based assessment framework, but that is out of the question for federation coach Herbert Horst.

“Of course, the idea of making talent scouting more objective through Wingfield is obvious. However, in our screening process for the youngest players in particular, we have the philosophy that playing ability, motor and coordination skills - all the things that cannot be quantified in their entirety - are the decisive assessment criteria at this age.”

That’s how Tobias Meyer, head of the tennis academy in Wahlstedt, sees it: “Experience plays a big role here in our coaching team. Developments can be completely different. One player’s development is earlier, the other player’s is rather later.” Nevertheless, he sees a starting point for collecting data as early as possible, even from the youngest players.

“In the future, the data can become extremely interesting in the long-term view, for example, when it comes to analyzing the development of a player’s shot quality.”

Tobias Meyer (Head of the Tennis Academy in Wahlstedt)

Trainer on the court next to a Wingfield Box.

From competitive to amateur sports.

The Tennis Base is also open to amateur players. In addition to the use in practice, recreational players can also use the Wingfield Courts through regular court bookings. The possibility to play LK-relevant matches flexibly with Wingfield attracted more and more players to Wahlstedt.

It is new services like these that sustainably increase the attractiveness of a facility. The LK offer in the area, which has so far been limited in terms of time and location, is being sensibly expanded by Wingfield and thus combines competitive and amateur sports in an integrated overall concept.

It all works in your club, too.

Tell your club and get Wingfield on your facility at the best price!

Trainer with Wingfield Box

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