Rules Wingfield club leagues.

Last updated 28/02/2022

General information

For LK matches with Wingfield, the DTB performance class regulations with the corresponding implementation regulations as well as the DTB guidelines for on-demand matches apply. Also, please note the following:

  • Within a period of twelve months you are allowed to play a maximum of 15 LK-matches with Wingfield.

  • Within a twelve month period, you may play only three LK matches against the same person with Wingfield.

  • The maximum age difference between the two players must not exceed 20 years.

  • A maximum of two matches may be played per day.

  • The official ball depends on the regulations of the regional association. Abroad the official ball of the DTB is used.

With your registration you confirm that you can still play enough LK matches for the Wingfield Club league (as described above), that all league matches will be evaluated for the LK and that results will be submitted to the DTB.

Furthermore, as part of your registration, you agree that no claims (loss, injury or property damage) will be made against Wingfield. Sufficient insurance coverage must be guaranteed.

Forming a league

All prices refer to a league with a total of 6 players and include the DTB processing fee and balls. The league fee is only due when a league is formed. Other league sizes are also possible on request.

As soon as enough players (usually 4 to 7) have registered for a league, a league is opened and a draw is created. Wingfield will divide the leagues based on the current performance class of the players (at the time of registration). To communicate and share further information, a WhatsApp group with all league participants will be opened.

Procedure of a LK-Match with Wingfield

To play Wingfield-LK-Matches, the Wingfield-Accounts of both players have to be activated. For this you only have to enter your personal DTB ID number in your account. You can find more information here.

All league matches must always be played in LK mode.When changing sides in the match, make sure to click the corresponding button on the Wingfield box. After the match, enter your final result on the touch screen of the box and send it directly to the league management.

Detailed information about LK matches with Wingfield, such as the exact procedure in case of match cancellations, can be found here.

If a player gives up an LK match, he or she may not play another Wingfield LK match for two weeks. You can find information about this here.

All information about the Wingfield LK matches can be found in our Help Center.

Match scheduling

The WhatsApp group is used by the players to arrange appointments. The order of the matches is not predetermined, but is up to the players. If defined, all matches must be played within the specified league period.

League format

The leagues are played as “Round Robin” - you play once against every other player. Best of three sets are played with a possible match tiebreak in the third set. The winner gets one point for the league ranking.

If one or more players have the same number of points at the end of the league, the set ratio will decide first and if there is another tie, the game ratio will decide. Should this also be the same, the head-to-head comparison will decide.

Billing of the club leagues

The entry fee of each player will be charged via PayPal. The entry fee includes the fees to the DTB, fees to the organizing club, fees to Wingfield, and the official match ball of the regional association (new can per player).

Important: As soon as a league takes place with less than six players, the entry fee per player is reduced.

Attention: The LK Match fee mentioned on the box screen will no longer be charged, as it is already included in the league entry fee.

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