Take your game to a new level.

Get the most out of your court.

Wingfield transforms traditional Tennis and Pickleball courts into smart playing fields, allowing access to the most interactive experience ever. AI-based tracking technology is affordable for every amateur club now!

Wingfield Box - starting at €4.999 or €136 / mo for 48 mo

Wingfield Box

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Unleash your full potential.

Innovative AI applications track all aspects of your game and provide you with the most important insights in your user account. Wingfield gives on-court feedback on a drill, opens up new and interactive coaching formats and validates matches for your national rating.

Take your game to the next level with powerful AI analysis tools. Wingfield extends tennis into the digital world.

Match analysis

Celebrate every small achievement.

First serve percentage below 50 %? You can do better next time! Many exciting stats tell you what you should better work on before the next match.

Interactive Drills

Prove your skills.

Drill scores give you direct feedback on your performance after a drill. Push yourself to the limit! Set new goals, track your progress and compare your high scores with the community.

Video tools

Go beyond traditional video analysis.

You will achieve the biggest progress by watching yourself back on a regular basis. Thanks to smart video tools, you can even filter entire matches according to certain events and save precious time and nerves on your technique analysis.

Improve your national rating.

Wingfield is officially used by the German Tennis Federation. Challenge other players to an official LK match whenever you want or just take part in a LK league at your club. The AI Referee checks if you followed the rules correctly and automatically forwards the result to the federation.

*For the use of the AI Referee and the submission of results to the federation, fees will be charged, which will be shared with the Wingfield Court owner.

Player Level Up

Loved by over 500 clubs and 50,000 players around the world.

Get Wingfield into your club.

You are a player or coach and would like to have Wingfield at your club? We will support you! Tell us your club and we'll do the rest.

The easiest way to make your court smart.

The purchase of Wingfield Court is subsidized by many cities, states, municipalities and associations. Get in touch to learn more.

Wingfield Box with Baseline Camera

Wingfield Box


incl. VAT

or 136€ /mo for 48 mos

For those who want to start quickly.

Wingfield Box with Baseline Camera

Wingfield Box + Baseline Camera


incl. VAT

or 187€ /mo for 48 mos

For those who want to focus on video analysis.

How to bring Wingfield into your club.

Get Wingfield for your facility now at the best price!

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